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  • 141 W Main Street - Windows to the Future

    141 W Main Street - Windows to the Future

    Renovation Update - We're Almost Done! We wanted to get you up to speed on our progress! We should be open by the end of May, no later than the first week of June.  As we get closer to our opening date, we wanted to share more sneak peaks with you! We can't wait and are truly excited to be opening up a cafe on Main Street in historic  Downtown Garner! Since our last update in February, a lot more finishing work has been completed including window restorations, exterior painting, tile work, carpentry and the like. The major electrical, HVAC...

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  • Do you know where the expression 'cup of joe' comes from?

    Do you know where the expression 'cup of joe' comes from?

    Whether you call it 'Cup of Joe', 'Cuppa Joe' or 'Cup O' Joe' this commonly used phrase used to signify a cup of hot coffee has an enigmatic origin. Although it's not 100% certain, there are a few clues as to where this term originated from. Did you know that one of them actually has roots in North Carolina history?!  "Cup of Jamoke" - There is one theory that the term 'Cup of Joe' derived from this expression which was a shortened combination of the words 'java' and 'mocha'. This origin was given in a military officer's manual from 1931, around...

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  • Full Bloom Coffee & Craft - Sneak Peak!

    Full Bloom Coffee & Craft - Sneak Peak!

    Here's a sneak peak at our progress! You may have been wondering what's going on at 141 W. Main recently. Well, we are moving forward on many fronts in our revitalization! We have completed the major construction and remodeling of the building. We are now working on the finishing work including flooring, painting, tiling, and installing light fixtures. We also recently poured a solid white concrete countertop for the bar area and installed some cabinets. We thought it was due time to announce the cafe name. The new cafe will be called Full Bloom Coffee & Craft. We will have coffee (of course),...

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  • History in the Making: 141 W Main

    History in the Making: 141 W Main

    So what's been going on since July? Lots has been happening actually! With the recent heat waves and downpours, it has delayed progress a little bit. But now that we have had a few breaks, we can get back to it! Our renovations have really taken off with the addition of some fresh plaster and electrical components. We are also excited to announce that we will be getting a new roof installed very soon. Some original bricks have been given new life and laid into abandoned windows, while some bricks have been discovered! We found out that the entire back side of...

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