History in the Making: 141 W Main

History in the Making: 141 W Main

So what's been going on since July? Lots has been happening actually!

With the recent heat waves and downpours, it has delayed progress a little bit. But now that we have had a few breaks, we can get back to it! Our renovations have really taken off with the addition of some fresh plaster and electrical components. We are also excited to announce that we will be getting a new roof installed very soon.

Full Bloom Coffee Building RenovationSome original bricks have been given new life and laid into abandoned windows, while some bricks have been discovered! We found out that the entire back side of the building was actually added on to at some point, so the original bank was not as big as you might think. (If only we had a time machine...)

We removed some plaster to show what was originally the back of the building when it was first constructed. You can see some evidence of tar where the outside of the building probably had an awning or roof attached to it.That beautiful brick will now be exposed upstairs in a conference room to be appreciated in the years to come. 

When the Town of Garner starts breaking ground on the new recreational center this month, the small brick structure that you are used to seeing across the street will be taken down.

Luckily we are able to preserve some of the bricks since they are about the same age as the building and match pretty closely. The structure was originally built to be used as a generator house.

As much as we love to see the building being brought back to life with new styling and features, we are also just as thrilled about discovering and preserving what was once lost in time. A new picture is being painted of what it actually looked like in its hay day at the turn of the 20th century.

Whether it is revealing the original hardwood flooring, brick arches over the windows, or the massive concrete vault, the building has loads of character still to be recognized. If these walls could talk it sure would have stories to tell! We are so glad to have this opportunity to share its history with you and at the same time bring it a new life and purpose on Main Street.


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