Full Bloom Coffee & Craft - Sneak Peak!

Full Bloom Coffee & Craft - Sneak Peak!

Here's a sneak peak at our progress!

You may have been wondering what's going on at 141 W. Main recently. Well, we are moving forward on many fronts in our revitalization! We have completed the major construction and remodeling of the building. We are now working on the finishing work including flooring, painting, tiling, and installing light fixtures. We also recently poured a solid white concrete countertop for the bar area and installed some cabinets.

We thought it was due time to announce the cafe name. The new cafe will be called Full Bloom Coffee & Craft. We will have coffee (of course), mainly traditionally-made drinks and signature drinks, light deli fare and local craft beer on tap. There will be some other unique and exciting items on the menu, but we will keep you in suspense until we are open. ;-)

You may have noticed something looks different as you drive by...

Full Bloom Coffee & Craft facade painting

The exterior was recently painted to a dark espresso brown color. Fitting, no?

Full Bloom Coffee & Craft original hardwood flooring

Probably the most exciting part was seeing the original hardwoods refinished! We were not sure how they would look and were pleasantly surprised at how beautifully these 117 year old floors came back to life!

Full Bloom Coffee & Craft exterior facade lights

The previous additions included exterior light fixtures above the doors. They will soon light up our signage! As this blog post is being written, we are installing brand new exterior doors to the front of the building and completing the remaining items on the electrical and plumbing checklist.

Thanks for your support and keeping up with us on this remodel. We can't wait to welcome all of our friends, and meet many new faces in Downtown Garner starting this Spring!

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