Behind the Beans: Indonesia West Java

Behind the Beans: Indonesia West Java

Have you met our Indonesia West Java coffee yet?

We hope you will make these beans a part of your daily coffee ritual!

What they are like:

These beans are down to earth. This medium roasted Indonesian coffee from West Java has a low-toned richness but a full body and medium acidity. Its smooth finish has a pleasant aftertaste that gives you a quicker sweeter taste on the tongue compared to most heavy bodied coffees. We find this smooth coffee to have hints of vanilla and honey.

Where they come from:

West Java was the first place in Indonesia where the Dutch first planted coffee during the Dutch Colonial conquest. The Dutch began cultivation and exportation of coffee trees on Java (part of the Dutch East Indies) in the 17th century.

Their Upbringing:

Indonesia Coffee Farm West JavaThe coffee farms in West Java are mostly planted in sustainable forestry operation areas allowed and controlled by the local government. The Harapan Bersama, Blue Sunda Highland farm sits at an altitude of 1,200 and 1,400 masl (meters above sea level).

How to enjoy their company:

These beans taste great on their own or paired with creamy, chocolate desserts like cake or brownies made with dark chocolate that accentuate it. Or enjoy it with a hearty omelet at brunch made with goat cheese and mushrooms or bacon that bring out its earthiness.

Yes, they are Grade 1:

Grade 1 signifies this coffee as Specialty Grade Coffee at the top level. This coffee contains no primary defects, 0-3 full defects, sorted with a maximum of 5% above and 5% below specified screen size or range of screen size, and exhibiting a distinct attribute in one or more of the following areas: taste, acidity, body, or aroma. It must also be free of cup faults and taints. Zero quakers allowed. Moisture content between 9-13%.

How to Get This Coffee:

You can get your hands on our beans multiple ways! 

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