Colombia - Organic/Fair Trade - FREE SHIPPING

$ 15.00

The pronounced aroma and flavor are exactly what you would expect from a Colombia coffee. With slight tart apple, caramel and toasty goodness this is a solid choice no matter the time of day.  

What sets Caficosta apart from other exporters in their region is the range of social services offered to growers at no cost. These services include life insurance, credit services, student loan subsidies, and agronomic advice such as free soil testing and fertilizer recommendations. Though only slightly more than 10 years old, Caficosta is developing roots within the coastal regions of Colombia as a strong purveyor of quality coffee grown by farmers who are provided payment and services that make coffee production viable.


Caficosta - Coffee Cooperative of the Coast


Magdalena, Cesar, Guajira


Mechanical & Solar


Organic - Fair Trade


1,700 - 1,900 meters