Behind the Beans: Colombia Antioquia

Behind the Beans: Colombia Antioquia

Have you met our Colombia coffee yet?

Our newest coffee on the scene is a Rainforest Alliance Certified Single Origin Colombia coffee with chocolate, red apple and date notes.

What they are like:

These beans have an irresistible body! This medium roasted South American coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia is exquisitely smooth and clean with a malic acidity.

Where they come from:

Antioquia in the northwest territory of Colombia is an area that lies mostly in the Andes mountains and stretches to the Caribbean Sea. Some of the finest coffees originate from this region and are known to be extremely balanced with a great body and a slightly fruity finish.

Their Upbringing:

Grown at an altitude of 1.500 ~ 2.000 m.a.s.l, they are dried by mechanical and solar processes. They are a part of the delosAndes Cooperative, which strives to improve the lives and provide benefits for their farmers. This means better working conditions, improving the availability of labor, better education and opportunities for coffee farms and their families.

How to enjoy their company:

Enjoy this cup of coffee paired with a wide range of desserts that include milk chocolate or cinnamon. You may even want to try savoring it with soft white dessert cheeses such as Brillat Savarin.

Yes, they are certified:

This coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified which means the plant and animal biodiversity of the area it originates from is continually protected and sustained.

How to Get This Coffee:

You can get your hands on our beans multiple ways! 

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