Rainforest Alliance Certified - Explained (Plus a great video)

Rainforest Alliance Certified - Explained (Plus a great video)

You have may noticed a tiny green frog on our coffee bags recently. This means our coffees are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

We are now fully registered and are able to apply this recognizable icon on our products. So what does it really mean to be Rainforest Alliance Certified? Let us explain...

You may already know that we are committed to sourcing quality coffees that are Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified to help ensure the well-being of the environment and the farmers who make this wonderful experience possible. Our support goes farther. Once you, the customer, buy a product that is Rainforest Alliance Certified, you are continuing the support of a great cause and mission.

The farms that we source our coffee beans from are regularly audited by members of the Rainforest Alliance certification team or one of their international partners in the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). These visits, along with occasional surprise audits, ensure that farmers are complying with the SAN’s comprehensive guidelines and are working toward continual improvement. Farms that have earned the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal are taking steps to:

  • Maintain or increase tree cover
  • Conserve soil quality and prevent erosion
  • Reduce chemical use
  • Protect wildlife
  • Ensure the well-being of workers and their families by facilitating access to education and healthcare

Many products are able to be Rainforest Alliance certified. So be sure to buy them when you can. Coffee, chocolate, tea, fruit, flowers, paper, furniture and tourism lodges are all products you can purchase and make a difference. Products bearing the seal originate on--or contain ingredients sourced from--Rainforest Alliance Certified farms or forests. These farms and forests are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to conserve wildlife; safeguard soils and waterways; protect workers, their families and local communities; and increase livelihoods. Tourism businesses that feature the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal meet the Rainforest Alliance comprehensive sustainability standards for tourism.

This 3 minute video (that goes rather quickly) helps to further explain the impact you have when supporting Rainforest Alliance Certified products. You can follow the frog...


All of Full Bloom's coffees available for purchase online are Rainforest Alliance Certified, including the blends. Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and even our organic Honduras are all sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. We look forward to continually offering Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees. We hope you now understand what it means and will continue to support such a great commitment to keeping our planet, it's people and animals happy.

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